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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf leaks show off faster-paced action

Sidestepping through Darkspawn

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Early footage and screenshots from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, BioWare's fourth entry in its fantasy RPG series, have been leaked online. Although links to the video and screengrabs have since been removed from Reddit, the original post remains live and describes the contents of the leak in detail.

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According to the Redditor, the video shows a trek through Darkspawn-infested Weisshaupt, the Grey Warden’s headquarters. The player controls a sword and shield-wielding Elf in the Knight Class, and the menus apparently refer to them as a “mid-level Grey Warden.” Grey Wardens haven’t been playable since 2009’s Dragon Age: Origins, so I’m sure DA lore experts will have a field day theorising. The Redditor mentions a few other details like improved animations, a dragon boss fight, and most importantly, the return of jumping (which made walking through Inquisition a little less cumbersome.)

The Reddit user also says the combat is “completely in real-time” and that the God Of War reboot is a “guiding reference point.” As always, everything in the leak is subject to change, but I’m sure some fans will be worried about an action pivot, considering Dragon Age: Inquisition refocused the combat for more strategic play. I’m one of the weirdos who enjoyed Dragon Age 2 despite its hacking & slashing - I'll be happy as long as I can romance my magical friendos.

It seems like we’re getting more consistent news on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf after a rocky development cycle. Last October, BioWare announced the game had hit its alpha milestone and was playable from start to finish. At last year’s Dragon Age day, the team also revealed a sneak peek at an early-game cutscene, teasing the titular Dreadwolf. AKA Solas the Elf. AKA, not an actual wolf.

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