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Dragon Quest Heroes II is out (with some sad at co-op)

Not so jolly co-operation

Dragon Quest Heroes II [official site] came out yesterday, you know. It’s part of that hack-happy, slash-happy RPG series with the most videogame name imaginable. In keeping with the series, there’s much ‘save the kingdom’ lark combined with large-scale battles in the Dynasty Warriors style, thanks to the developer being behind both franchises. But the new thing for the series – 4-player co-op multiplayer – is seeing a handful of complaints (although I am just basing this on a cursory glance at the Steam reviews, professional journo that I am). It turns out running around the big open world with your mates isn’t possible the way some folk would like.

That’s because the co-op in the story mode is limited to boss battles and also to "non-story" dungeons – something the store page fails to clarify. You can’t roam the grassy plains between fights with your pals, for example, which is a shame. I like going for walks with my friends and then murdering a slime.

But never mind. Aside from that, it's a new story with the same deal. Many of the heroes from previous jaunts return for more monster-bashing, but you’ll primarily be playing as cousins Lazarel and Teresa, who are out to stop a conflict and attempt to bring peace to the kingdom, presumably by killing every creature in it. I’d give you a blurb on the story, which involves place names like “Dunisia” and “Harba” but I’ll let you figure all that out for yourself. I’m a good guy. I don’t spoil things.

(They bring peace to the kingdom)

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