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Dragon Quest Heroes Arrives On PC

We could play heroes

Given the fact the Dragon Quest series now spans four decades, it seems a shame that it's featured so little on PC over the years. The latest series offering - action-RPG spin-off Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe [official site] - marks the first to arrive on Steam (dubbed Slime Edition) and is out now. Think typically whimsical, triumphalist, equal parts irritating/inspiring fantasy characters merged with combo-driven Dynasty Warriors-style action.

Although developed by the guys behind Dynasty Warriors themselves, Omega Force, Dragon Quest Heroes still leans heavy on its narrative elements in keeping with the style of its series forerunners, while adopting a more hands-on approach on the battlefield. In short: there's still plenty of dungeons, roaming, townships and Slimes.

Storywise, in true fantasy RPG form, a chain of unfortunate events has turned the once docile creatures of the land into frenzied monsters. Can you guess where this is going? Yup, it's then up to you to guide hero Luceus or heroine Aurora in a quest to - you guessed it - Restore Order To The Kingdom. Along the way you'll be joined by 13 familiar faces from previous Dragon Quest games, none of which matter as much as the uber cool and genuinely laugh-out-loud-funny Cockney ruffian Yangus. PC users can also look forward to extras in the way of two extra maps and 11 "gloopy Slime Weapons". Huh.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe is out now on Steam for £39.99. Have a gander at the launch trailer:

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