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Drake Hollow is an agricultural fort 'em up from the creators of The Flame In The Flood

Drake and mosh

"Well, this looks delightful" I foolishly thought, watching the trailer for Drake Hollow, the next game from The Flame In The Flood developers The Molasses Flood. "Far less depressing than their last outing, innit?" Oh, what a rube I seemed when the shadow beasts attacked. There's the dread we were missing.

Announced at XO19 last night, Drake Hollow appears to a multiplayer horde 'em up blending Slime Rancher with Fortnite: Save The World in a forest packed with spooks and mooks.

Last night's trailer could probably sell a more convincing argument against stepping through cursed portals in the woods, mind.

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Drake Hollow sees you pop over to the shadow dimension (the Hollow) to build a wee village packed with vegetable goblins (the Drakes). Either solo or with a few pals, you'll need to gather supplies, build up beds and barricades, and keep your hamlet safe from a rogue's gallery of rotten beasties.

Do you remember when Fortnite was gonna be a horde survival base-building loot 'em up hybrid? That game still exists, but it's hardly what most folks are there for. Drake Hollow's build/gather/defend loop rings awfully similar to Save The World, though I reckon The Molasses Flood probably won't be slapping a battle royale into their own game anytime soon.

There even seems to be a bit of Slime Rancher style farming in there. It looks like your Drakes - key to building up your farmifications - can be fed various mushrooms to spin them off into different breeds. Plus, even as it only appeared for a few seconds, I will always and forever be right there for games with good-as-hell rail grinding.

Drake Hollow is penned for release sometime next year. Until then, you could always check out The Flame In The Flood, a game Pip called "comfy but ultimately not very deep" in her review.

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