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Keep Forever: Dungeon Keeper Is Free Right Now

Download now, keep forever

The original Dungeon Keeper [Origin page] is free for a limited time, through Origin. If you download it before the offer expires (EA aren't saying how long it'll last), you can keep it forever, or until your Origin account turns to dust - whichever comes first. First released in 1997, Dungeon Keeper is a strategy game in which you manage an underground lair, protecting your treasures and killing invading adventurers. Alec thinks it's rather good.

Let's huddle up, down here below the break, because we need to have a private conversation. Make sure you know who isn't listening. The Overlord. The OverMeer. This can be our own little private corner of Dungeon RPS, where the sound of the keyboards clattering and the whips cracking (we mix business, pleasure and pain here) muffles the conversation a little. We can get all the controversial opinions off our chests - right before we pick all of the tar, feather, scabs and honey off of there - without upsetting the management.

I'll go first.

Here it is.

I never liked Dungeon Keeper. I didn't hate it, but I remember saving up to buy it and being excited about seeing my dungeon up close using the first-person viewpoints (with different visual effects for different creatures!), and finding the whole theme of turning the usual RPG tables on their head really awesome. And then I played it and it was great, until every level just felt like a repetition of the one before, except slightly longer and with enemies who took more punishment before dying.

Should I download it and try it again? Maybe I was wrong. I was wrong an awful lot in my teenage years and about things far more important than Dungeon Keeping.

The link to get that free copy is right here. Hmm.

If you've got anything you'd like to share, just between us like, spill your guts in the comments section there. Oh god - not literally - someone fetch a mop and bucket.

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