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Dungeons 2 Emerging Into Daylight Next Year

Definitely not Dungeon Keeper okay?

Dungeons wasn't trying to be a new Dungeon Keeper, but everything from the kooky 'comedy evil' tone to the very dungeon made it seem that way. It really wasn't much like the Bullfrog classic, though. As our Jim explained, Dungeons was closer to a tower defence game with management bits. Now that we all definitely really understand that and won't raise our hopes too high, might Dungeons 2 find a better reception? Or will it, at least, be better?

The sequel was announced last week, and is due next year. A useless cinematic trailer follows.

Dungeons was really about building a big fairground for goodie-goodie heroes to stomp through, becoming excited by the things they find and they fight, until they're so giddy your dungeon lord swoops in and murders them to suck out their fizzy souls. A tower defence-ish, Tycoon-y, action-RPG sort of a thing squished into a Dungeon Keeper costume.

"I'd almost rather Dungeons was pulled away from its pantomime-dark Dungeon Keeperiness and put into something more like a bright, 2D tower defence game that pushes its clever mechanics front and centre instead of subsuming them into this strange tribute," Jim said. Developers Realmforge, unsurprisingly, don't do anything like that with Dungeons 2.

They do, however, take the show overground to prance about in forests and fight unicorns. The announcement also boasts of "numerous references to various fantasy books, movies and TV shows," which I always find a miserable 'feature' to get over-excited about.

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