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Dungeons 2 Keeps On Keepin' On

Honk if you're Horny

Dungeons! I thought the 2011 strategy game was going to be like my beloved Dungeon Keeper because it tried very hard to look like it was, but actually it wasn't! Years later some people used that as a stick to beat us with! Cheery videogame funtimes! Anyway, Dungeons tried a whole bunch of different stuff within a similar thematic construct to Dungeon Keeper (i.e. evil lord building and killing stuff underground), but despite ambition didn't manage to be hugely interesting with it. A sequel, Dungeons 2, has been in development for quite a while now, but finally lands in April. It sounds as though it's added a couple of superficially slightly more DKish elements, such as direct minion control and more slapping, but I'm not saying it is or isn't much like anything or indeed is good/bad/the mythical 'it's ok' until I've played it myself.

Here's a trailer, which also demonstrates that there'll be mischief-making in the overworld as well as down in the deeper dungeons. Looks a bit all over the place aesthetically (one of my issues with the first game, too), and Richard Ridings (who I realised with a shock the other day plays Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig; a frightening collision of my two worlds) that voiceover man is not, but judgements must be reserved.

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Dungeons 2 is due out on April 24th, developed by Realmforge. I'll take a look for sure, but right now my main concern is this line in the official description: "peppered with numerous references to various fantasy books, movies and TV shows." No, God, why.

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