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Dwarf Phwoartress: Stonesense Visualiser

The release of a player-made plugin for ULTIMATE INDIE GAME Dwarf Fortress stirred brief debate amongst the hemispheres of the RPS Hivemind. "Worth remembering: it's a visualiser", attack-thoughted node-designation GILLEN. "It does at least run as the game is playing", hypno-suggested node-designation MEER. "WE/I LOVE DWARVES. WRITE ABOUT DWARVES WRITE ABOUT DWARVES WRITE ABOUT DWARVES", then throbbed the Mind in spiky unison. For yes, while it is enormously pleasing, Stonesense is not a graphical engine that replaces DF's (in)famous ASCII appearance. What it is an add-on, displaying an isometric, cartoony image of the state of your stone-centric world alongside said ASCIIosity in something like real-time.

Clearly, it's not quite what we've all been praying for - but it is, at last, a chance to see quite what your elaborate structures and dynasties look like as you play. Video below. Watch it, with your eyes.

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It's probably the least compelling commentary I've ever heard (and it times, so mumbly as to be incoherent), but hey, it's Dwarf Fortress. Slick presentation would be all wrong.

Obtain Stonesense from right here. It's open-source, which means you can tweak or add to it as you like - and even provide extra sprites'n'stuff to the community.

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