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E3 Rubbish, Say Bigwigs

From our comfortable slouch in front of our dusty LCD screens, E3 2008's seemed surprisingly fertile after last year's dampest of squibs. Perhaps there weren't many omigosh new announcements, but it gave a glad chance to see long-awaited shinies such as Dragon Age, Fallout 3 (DON'T SAY A BLOODY WORD), Spore, Mirror's Edge, Dawn of War II, Borderlands, Alpha Protocol and more in extensive action. Me = chuffed.

For those actually at the show... eh, not so good.

"I hate E3 like this. Either we need to go back to the old E3, or we'll have to have our own private events." - EA CEO (CEAO?) John Riccitiello.

"E3 this year is terrible. The world used to come to E3. Now it's like a pipe-fitters show in the basement." Laurent Detoc, president of Ubisoft America.

(Via Next-Gen)

Christ man, be careful what you say. Those pipe-fitters don't take kindly to a dissing. They'll come and loosen your pipes in the night now, you mark my words.

Odd, frankly. Clearly the industry didn't dig the show, which despite all the hullabaloo only actually pulled 5000 visitors, so apparently it'll be tweaked again next year. Yet it seems, from afar, to have been a bigger deal than in several years. On PC, at least. I hear the Sonintendosoft chaps didn't do so well out of it. Meanwhile, I'm sat here barely able to contain my excitement about all the treats Autumn and beyond has in store for us. Squee!

Image by Gamerscoreblog, and is Creative Commonsed'n'that.

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