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Easily Riled: COD - Ghost Dog Trailered

The E3 videos for COD: Ghosts, or COD: DOG as we really should be calling it, are apparently 'gameplay reveals'. There's very little in the way of revelations though, unless the idea of following a dog as well as a man is the sort of overhaul that might make the war-tour appear to you. I reckon dogs improve everything by at least 25%, with the exception of cookery classes and intimate physical moments, but I'm still not particularly interested in wandering behind one during a war. The first video shows precisely that - at one point a character says he's getting depressed and at the point I felt the sort of empathy that David Cage dreams of evoking. The second video involves scuba diving but, regrettably, the dog is gone by that point. You can watch them below.

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The apocalyptic backdrop is very impressive but it doesn't actually seem to do anything. It's there though, collapsing and rumbling, and perhaps that will be enough for some? I think the dog is a metaphor for the players, leashed to a pre-programmed route, fed, watered and walked as routine and the whims of the master dictate. We are beyond parody. We are the pet.

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Stay down. Roll over. Stay. Sit. Heel.

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Videos, save for the latter, from VG24/7.

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