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Physics Pet Game Features "Horrific Dogmorphs"

How much is that dogmorph in the window?

I love dogs. I love their pointy black noses. I love their round faces and round eyes. I love their pink and rectangular bodies. I love the wobbly way they pump their spindle legs when being sucked through a vacuum tunnel. I love dogs, and it seems as if this as-yet-unnamed dog physics project is going to depict everything I love about them if its devlog is to be believed. Come see these GIFs.

The game thus far contains dogs eating their dinner:

Dogs with big legs. "I still don't know if the game has a place for horrific dogmorphs like this, but it's something I want to think more about," says the developer, whose TIGSource username is ActualDog. Coincidence?

Dogs bursting forth:

Dogs travelling:

There are a great many more at the above linked devlog, along with detail of the animation and AI systems thus constructed, and what the ultimate intent is for the project. For example, "I want the player to ultimately be able to have a pretty hands-on approach to training. Lots of encouraging/discouraging certain behaviors, pen setup and maintenance, making sure the dogs are getting along, feeding them, teaching tricks, etc." There's already some facility for praising and scolding dogs and for building them an environment like the one above.

There is obviously a lot of work still to be done, but I'm planting my flag right now by saying: I love dogs, and look forward to where this is going.

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