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Retro apocalyptic RPG Eastward is emerging for launch next month

John and Sam are escaping to the surface at last

There sure are a whole car of indie games disembarking at today's station with some news. Eastward is another of the bunch, the retro-flavored action RPG romp about the near-future apocalypse. After not making it to launch last year, Eastward has popped back up to confirm that yes, it is indeed releasing this year. Soon, even. Eastward launches on Septmber 16th according to its stylish new trailer.

"In the near-future, society is starting to collapse, and the human population is at an all-time low. A deadly toxic presence has spread across the land, destroying and devouring everything in its path," say the developers. "Those who could escape the miasma flocked to underground villages to start a new life. But for a hardworking miner and a mysterious young girl, the hope of a thriving outside world beckons." That'll be John and Sam down here in the trailer.

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Today's trailer is a mostly moody affair featuring some of those stylish environments and the swell tunes. Pixpil get into other specifics like Eastward's combat in their devlogs.

You'll control both Sam and John, using Sam's telekinetic powers in combination with John's more earthly options like frying pans and flame throwers. You'll have to manage different resources for each of them. John's guns and bombs are a finite resource that you'll need to stay stocked on when fighting baddies. Sam, meanwhile, has two different stamina bars: one for her normal energy attacks that replenishes over time and one for her magical abilities that needs to be refilled with magical orbs by breaking pots or defeating enemies.

Aside from combat, you'll also use Sam and John to solve puzzles, sometimes sticking together and other times splitting up. Eastward calls itself inspired by the likes of Mother and The Legend of Zelda, which you can certainly feel in a recent gameplay video.

Eastward's retro flair tunes and old RPG stylings also earned it a place on RPS's list of most anticipated indie games of 2021.

If you're in for a bit of retro apocalypse, you'll find Eastward on Steam for £22/$25 on September 16th. It'll also be on GOG and Humble, though doesn't appear to have a page on either store just yet.

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