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EGX Rezzed 2020 announces Leftfield Collection lineup

Play me like one of your weird games

This year's lineup for the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed has been revealed. The carefully curated showcase of indie games is always popular, and this year's list is as promising as ever.

The Rezzed show will take place at Tobacco Dock in London from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th of March. There'll be lots more going on too, including chats from experienced devs and journalists, live Let's Plays, tabletop sessions, and shows from your very own RPS crew. Tickets are on sale now.

Despite crashing the afterparty twice, I have never been to Rezzed, but the Leftfield Collection was a calm, welcoming haven, and the best part of my first ever, migraine-y EGX visit last year. Rezzed is its true home, as it's where you'll find the most interesting and unexpected games, doing weird, pretty, artsy, experimental things that we all complain games don't do enough. They are fun, too! Former collections featured games like Regular Human Basketball, SkateBIRD, and Double Kick Heroes, as well as a chance to chat with the people who made them. Be nice, everyone. Showing your work at an event is very scary and tiring.

I already have my eye on Because We're Here, a visual novel set in the trenches of the First World War. There'll also be the striking monochrome turn based RPG Sequestered, and Dark Nights With Poe And Munro, an FMV adventure about a pair of radio hosts.

A world without the Leftfield Collection (artist's impression)

There is value in bewilderment, but there'll be action and laughs too, with games like the car-vs-car local battle royale Mega Vroum Vroum, and the Flashback-lookin' storied platformer Lunark. I am also very curious about An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs, which promises a great opportunity for us all to ask "So, what's this about?" until its creator (Xalavier Nelson Jr., who has also written for us in the past) either perfects his polite laughter or destroys us all.

The current list goes like this:

Honestly, even I can't tell you much about most of these that's not already on their websites. They are an intriguing mystery, specially selected by ghosts. I will doubtless gravitate towards the area a lot, so perhaps you'll get to see for yourself whether I am as chill when playing games as Imogen claims, or as furious and sweary as Matt says.

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