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Free Add-Ons Out For Endless's Legend And Space

All's well that Endless's well.

Adam reported on Endless Legend's free add-on Visions of the Unseen last week, but now it's out, we know the details of what it contains, and it comes alongside a smaller but similarly free add-on for Amplitudes previous 4X strategy game, Endless Space. Visions of the Unseen? More like posts of the seen, right?



Endless Legend's add-on comes with a new minor faction called the Eyeless One, who were chosen by players from a list of three possible additions via Amplitude's regrettably named GAMES2GETHER community participation service. The Eyeless Ones have no eyes but can "sense, hear and feel all that is visible, and some that is not." Which could either just mean that they're blind or that they're Daredevil, and so they're blind but can see. The update also comes with 10 new side quests, better AI for Empire Plan, Retrofit and Military Assets, and a number of other patch-like balance tweaks.

Meanwhile, Endless Space's Disharmony free add-on called Chronicles Of The Lost and comes with 8 exploration random events, 24 colonization random events, some new AI and artwork and a few other small tweaks.

There's a full list of update notes at Amplitude's forums, including exactly what those AI tweaks entail. Or you can go read Adam's review if you want to know why Endless Legend is worth your time.

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