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Endzone: A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic citybuilder out, uh, last month

Because there's still too many games

I feel as if I have had enough of post-apocalyptic games, and to a lesser extent, of traditional citybuilders. But a combination of the two? That's a compelling prospect. It's also the pitch of Endzone: A World Apart, a game that released in early access last spring and hit 1.0 last month, all without us remarking upon it. So here's me remarking upon it.

A nuclear disaster made earth uninhabitable and forced humanity into bunkers, and the game begins as humans re-emerge for the first time to re-build society on the surface. That's your job. In typical citybuilder style you're gathering resources, constructing infrastructure, and scouting the lost world around you.

Where it differs most is in the ways nuclear apocalypse has changed earth. You'll need to build your settlement to withstand radiation, droughts and sandstorms, as well as defend yourself against maurauding raiders.

I like the look of its buildings, most. As per yer Fallouts and so on, they're constructed out of reclaimed wood and metal panelling, but it gives the topdown view of your growing settlements a less rigid and repetitive look than most games in the building plopping genre. I look at the header image above and feel like helping these people out.

There's no news here. This is just me writing about a cool-looking game we haven't written about before, because there are too many games for us to cover them all, and because it's my site and I'll do what I want. If you do need a timely justification for these words, however, Endzone has just had its first patch since the full release. It's mostly focused on bug fixes and tweaks.

You can pick up Endzone: A World Apart from Steam and GOG for £26/$30/€30.

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