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Enjoy 15 seconds of bombastic monster slaying in Atlas Fallen's first gameplay trailer

Deck13's action RPG is coming out on May 16th

A warrior is swinging a weapon upwards toward a large beast in the desert in Atlas Fallen
Image credit: Focus Entertainment

Last summer, our Ed was lucky enough to see gameplay from Atlas Fallen, the upcoming action RPG from Deck13, the gang behind The Surge games. The game’s sandy dunes and over-the-top combat gave Ed chirpy AA vibes, whle the rest of us were relegated to the initial CG trailer and the hands-off preview. Until now. Publisher Focus Entertainment have now debuted a gameplay trailer for all of us, too - although it mostly consists of second-long combat snippets, sandwiched in between very grave and serious and important VO.

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To be fair, the limited looks at action seem just as frantic as you’d expect from Ed’s impressions. We see some big, beautiful environments that will likely host our battles with the behemoth monsters. From the looks of it, almost every enemy looks Monster Hunter-sized, although exact proportions are TBD. The player’s attacks look appropriately huge (and badass) with a spinning whip that covers an excessive area, and a giant hammer that can deliver mega ground pounds - arguably the best thing in games.

Despite all of the crazy action, my favourite thing from the trailer was the sheer speed of traversal, specifically all 3-seconds of supersonic gliding - I'll take what I'm given, I guess. Nothing feels better than zipping through large environments and Atlas Fallen seems to have that in full force, with a trail of sand left behind as an added bonus. Ed also briefly caught a glimpse at dragon riding in his preview, which makes me doubly excited for traversal in Atlas Fallen. There are a couple of dragons in the trailer, but alas, no dragon riding just yet.

In-game footage arrived just in time as Atlas Fallen is releasing on May 16th. The game is available to pre-order now on Steam for £44/€50/$50, and doing so will grant you exclusive cosmetics and abilities through the Ruin Rising Pack.

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