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Deck13's mysterious desert action game Atlas Fallen is coming May 16th

A sandy summer vacation

A warrior is swinging a weapon upwards toward a large beast in the desert in Atlas Fallen
Image credit: Focus Entertainment

The next game from the studio behind The Surge, Atlas Fallen, was announced last year with a CG trailer that didn’t give much away. A few snippets of gameplay at the end of the trailer revealed speedy action against giant beasts and a semi-open world desert you can slide across - and who doesn’t love sliding in games? We now know when to expect developer Deck13’s latest, as the team have announced a May 16th date for PC and consoles. Publisher Focus Entertainment say a gameplay reveal trailer is “coming soon”, but for now we can enjoy a couple of new screenshots.

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Until that gameplay trailer arrives, most people will have no idea what Atlas Fallen actually is - apart from the buzzwords ‘action-RPG’. Our Ed has seen the dusty dunes of the game, though - 30 minutes of it, in fact. In his hands-off impressions, Ed said Atlas Fallen is “shaping up to satisfy those craving an AA title to plonk on their shelf.” There was also lots of supersonic gliding around the desert, and a brief glimpse at dragon riding, which immediately makes walking anywhere sound dull.

Deck13’s two The Surge games were some of the best soulslikes on the market. In our review of The Surge 2, Brendan was just as impressed with the game’s hefty combat as he was with its winding, interconnected world. “The carefree amputation of half the city's populace is keeping my fingers and thumbs entertained, sure, but the shortcuts and secrets are keeping my brain occupied,” he said.

We’ll see if Atlas Fallen can keep the same quality while transitioning to a slightly different formula. The hack n’ slasher releases on consoles and PC via Steam on May 16th.

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