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Enter The Gungeon's spinoff is definitely coming to PC soon

Back to the Gungeon

Back in September, Dodge Roll announced and released Exit The Gungeon, a spinoff to their bullet hell roguelike game Enter The Gungeon, on Apple Arcade. After getting a lot of questions on the subject, Dodge Roll made sure to to hang a lantern on the words "timed exclusive" in their followup post. The exclusivity period is ending soon, it seems, because Dodge Roll have now announced that Exit The Gungeon will be coming to PC "early this year."

Over on Twitter, Dodge Roll have shared that Enter The Gungeon has surpassed 3 million lifetime sales and simultaneously dropped the news that the spinoff game will officially be coming to PC. Though they don't specify a date or month, my personal estimation of "early" is before the end of March.

When Exit The Gungeon was first announced, Dodge Roll answered a lot of clarifying questions on Reddit about how it relates to Enter. Exit is a smaller game, so they've called it a spinoff rather than a sequel. The "dungeon climber" takes place vertically, mostly on an elevator speeding upwards as waves of enemies attack you, rather than as a series of rooms. It's a "rogue-like-lite," they say with a more arcade-y feel than Enter The Gungeon's longer runs.

In an answer to fears about Exit launching first on mobile, Dodge Roll also originally provided some details about how it compares with the concept of mobile games that folks might have in their heads. Exit The Gungeon "does not include any micro-transactions or booster packs of any kind, and only locks its content behind giant red bullets, and the skill required to dodge roll through them."

Dodge Roll haven't yet named a price for the PC version of Exit The Gungeon though the original is £11/€15/$15 on Steam and it's probably safe to assume the spinoff will cost less.

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