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Exit The Gungeon rolls out to PC

It's all gone sideways

It is time to Exit The Gungeon. Please form an orderly queue, there are plenty of bullets to go around.

Exit The Gungeon is a side-on platforming spin off from Dodge Rolls' shootey roguelike Enter The Gungeon. A mobile version came out on Apple Arcade back in September, but last night it escaped to Steam, too. I've played a little and enjoyed destroying sentient bullets with an electric guitar.

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The Gungeon is collapsin', and the elevator outwards is plagued by the Gungeon's minions. You'll be fine. There's much more surface area to shoot at.

You're fighting many of the same enemies as when you Entered, with familiar firing patters and all. It's a more arcadey affair than last time, by which I mean it's a bit less thoughtful. A key difference is the way you only have one gun at a time, and automatically swap whenever you walk over a new one. It reminds me of Super Crate Box, where part of the challenge is constantly adjusting to new weapons.

It's not as immediately compelling as Super Crate Box. I always thought Enter The Gungeon's minions could soak up a few too many bullets, and yep, same problem here. But I am a big fan of the hats.

There's a big update to go with the PC launch, including new weapons, items, enemies, bosses and rooms. That last one seems especially significant. Dodge Roll are boasting about a "dramatically redesigned Gungeon with improved room variety, increased room size, and many updated and devious elevators". It's bigger now, they say, with runs that "more closely match Enter the Gungeon’s playtimes". Check out the update page for more info.

Exit The Gungeon is available on Steam for £7/$9/€8.

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