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Enter The Gungeon is this week's Epic Games Store freebie

I love to reload during a battle

An intense shootout scene from Enter The Gungeon
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The silly, maddeningly tough and compelling Enter The Gungeon by Dodge Roll Games is the new giveaway on the Epic Games Store, and an easy pick for fans of terrible puns. Take the Binding Of Isaac (or any roguelike-like action dungeon crawler), clean up the blood, and stuff it with bullets to dodge and videogame firearm goofs. Descend into the six chambers of the Gungeon to battle the Beholster, the Dragun, the Mine Flayer and an army of Gundead, who are bullets, with guns, that shoot bullets. Grab the gun pun fun here before June 20th and keep it forever.

While Epic's big sale -- an odd affair slashing a flat £10/$10 off most games -- ends today, Epic have announced that their weekly giveaway schedule will continue until the end of the year. That's another twenty-nine freebies (including Enter The Gungeon) to snap up, if you remember to log in weekly. The giveaways have generally been excellent, too, and Enter The Gungeon is no different. Well reviewed at launch, it recently got one final expand-o-patch, cutely named A Farewell To Arms, which added one last round of characters, bosses, guns and floors to explore.

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If there's anything wrong with Enter The Gungeon, it's that, similar to Isaac in its later years, it's overloaded. While developers Dodge Roll have made some effort to smooth out difficulty spikes by making ammo drops more common, you can still end up with a set of guns that puts the 'arse' in 'arsenal'. And yet, it still remains exciting to roll the dice and see what weird weaponry you end up with. As well as famous (and renamed) guns like Destiny's Gjallarhorn, or Gears Of War's Hammer Of Dawn, there's tons from other indie games, like the Polar Star from Cave Story.

Enter The Gungeon is free here on the Epic Games Store until June 20th, at which point it'll be replaced by the Firefly-inspired Rebel Galaxy.

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