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Enter The Gungeon meets Payday 2 with crossover items

Shooty shooty bang bang

Last year's Enter The Gungeon [official site] was a rather pleasant surprise, offering a satisfying blend of bullet-dodging shmuppiness paired with a bit of Binding of Isaac-ish'roguelite' dungeon-crawling and looting. This week saw the release of a cross-promotion update between Gungeon and Payday 2 [official site], with both games gaining a generous handful of free extra gubbins. The funny thing: none of them are guns.

While the four new masks (pictured below, each with an attached new achievement to earn) in Payday 2 are rather fetching and/or adorable, Enter The Gungeon seems to have gotten the better side of this deal. On top of the usual range of bug-fixes and tweaks (full patch notes here), this update has added three rather clever new items to the mix:

Payday Gungeon

First up is the Drill. Bane of any Payday player's existence, but actually useful in Enter The Gungeon. You can use it to crack open locked chests after clearing a wave-survival challenge. This is the one that everyone will want, as there are never even close to enough keys available in a given dungeon.

Second and arguably least interesting item is the Bank Bag. You collect more money, but drop some every time you get hit.

The third item is the Payday Mask, which summons a Heister minion to support you, and one additional minion for each other Payday item collected.

It's a nice little taster of things to come. Gungeon fans are still eagerly awaiting for the release of Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, a free expansion-type update for the game promising new rooms, NPCs, secrets, a new mini-boss and the usual assortment of new items and - of course - guns. Lots of guns.

It's good to see Gungeon & Payday 2 so well supported and still going strong - I dust them both off for a round every now and then. Enter The Gungeon is still a regular for the Twitch streaming crowd, and Payday 2's Ultimate Edition re-launch (in the wake of giving away 5 million free copies) was an enormous success, making it one of the most-played games on Steam. I can't wait to see what the future brings for both.

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