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Eternal happiness awaits when Little Misfortune arrives later this month

How unfortunate

Nominative determinism, eh? It should be outlawed. If I'd been unfortunate enough to have "Misfortune" penned on my birth certificate I'd be off to the Deed Poll before even leaving the hospital. That's negligent parenting, Mrs Hernandez, and I'll see you in court - even if you do happen to be a skeleton.

Fran Bow might've gotten off easy, but Killmonday's follow-up Little Misfortune is basically kicking their young lead while she's down.

Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, unfortunately, is stuck with all of the consequences that come with a bad luck moniker. It's not all bad, though - the blurb suggests Killmonday Games' latest interactive story will have you falling in love, committing petty crimes, and petting dogs/cats/fish/Kraken (delete as appropriate) on September 18th.

That arrival date was announced via a wonderfully unsettling new trailer.

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Led by Mr Voice - who I assume to be the Stanley Parable narrator's off-kilter cousin - eight-year-old Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez seeks eternal happiness as she travels wondrous lands. Autumnal Forests! Pet cemeteries! Sewer lairs! Hell!

RPS exile Adam was quite fond of Fran Bow, calling it "imaginative, strange, unsettling, intelligent and charged with a rare and beautiful sense of hope". Misfortune shares a universe with Fran. While it might not be as Hot Topic Goth-chic as the Swedish duo's last outing, Little Misfortune is by no means less unnerving.

Interested? Killmonday have had a demo sitting over on Steam and for a few months now. Alyse Stanley took a look at it for us back in April, and found it delightfully morbid and certainly not cursed.

Little Misfortune hits Steam, Origin, Itch and GOG on September 18th.

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