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Ethan Carter is free to keep on the Epic Games Store (Come Get It)

Here's a little bit old school for you

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter and Rogue Legacy feel like two aging indie games that are at risk of being forgotten, despite them being well-liked in their own time. Well, here's a chance to revisit or revive that interest: both games are free to keep if you grab them from the Epic Games Store between now and April 14th.

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Rogue Legacy is a platformer where, upon each death, you resume play as your predecessor's heir but with a new genetic trait. One character might be colourblind while the next is bald and the one after that has vertigo. Some of these traits are helpful, some not, but they add variety to what's already a strong roguelike platformer. You can grab it for free here.

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, meanwhile, is a first-person mystery about solving puzzles and exploring a beautiful, bucolic environment for clues. Here's what John said in his review back in 2014, while feeling it fell just short of greatness:

It is, however, probably the most aesthetically beautiful game I’ve seen, and I can genuinely recommend it on that basis alone. The rest of the game, its sombre tale, is well worth hearing, and some of the puzzles are really splendid. But every time you walk out of a door and see the vista spread before you, it’s an effort not to gasp.

That was written eight years ago, but Vanishing is still a damn pretty game today. You can grab it for free from the Epic Games Store here.

If neither of these games take your fancy, there are some good freebies coming up next: XCOM 2 and Insurmountable will be free to keep from April 14th until April 21st. XCOM 2 is potentially 500 hours of entertainment, so that's nuts.

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