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Rogue Legacy's lineage will continue with a sequel

Keep it in the family

Forget dodging spikes or slaying foes - Rogue Legacy was a game about family. Specifically, training up your kids to be better dungeon-divers than you so they'd be ready to take up your mantle after an unfortunate spelunking accident. Fitting, then, that Rogue Legacy would establish its own legacy. Seven years after Rogue Legacy first picked up a sword, Rogue Legacy 2 is preparing to take up that rusted mantle and live up to its family name with yet another trip down the dungeons.

Developers Cellar Door took to twitter earlier today to announce that a sequel to Rogue Legacy is currently in the works, showing off some sharp new screens in the process.

2013's Rogue Legacy was one of the earlier hits in the great roguelike renaissance of the 2010s, a lovely little hack-n-slash platformer where each new run earned you unlocks for your character and upgrades for your castle. The real catch, though, was that every new run was a new character - a descendant of the lad or lass who beefed it in your last run, with their own traits and quirks.

Adam Smith (RPS in peace) wasn't super hot on this mechanic (read: gimmick) in his Rogue Legacy review, but found the rest of the game to be a stellar little platformer that more than made up for that shortfall.

"Thankfully, the actual game behind the gimmick is excellent and the clever use of the generational system is in the levelling of the keep and the collection of new equipment, adding an engrossing system of progression with long-term goals on top of the immensely replayable randomised platformer."

As far as the sequel goes, we've only got a gif and three screenshots. Those'll have to tide you over for now, though Cellar Door reckon they'll have much more to share very, very soon.

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