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Eve Fanfest 2008 Videos

A multifarious bunch of videos of the Eve fanfest 2008 have emerged, and a couple of them hold interest for a more general audience, and I'm going to post them up here. The first and foremost is the Walking In Stations, or ambulation, presentation. This discusses Eve's continuing inward journey, with ever more detail being burned into the universe - in this case the creation of full-body avatars that can move around in the internal environments of space stations. Avatars will be able to interact, play games, get cosmetic surgery, or even run businesses. There's some footage of the proposed engine at about thirty minutes in.

The second video I've posted covers graphics and the future of Eve. It's fairly hard going, and full of tech-gibber that won't be of interest to most people, but there are some interesting moments such as running and vast resolutions (8-9 megapixels) at about eighteen minutes in, and some clever particle magicks later on.

Walking In Stations:

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