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Eve Online: Dominion

The new Eve expansion, Dominion, is out this week, and it threatens to shake up the game's territorial system to a degree that has not been seen since territory was formalised back in 2004. The new system will require more active maintenance for players wanting to benefit from holding sovereignty, and should reduce some of the "AFK Empires" we've seen in recent years. I doubt it will do anything to fragment or reduce the power of the existing power-blocs, however, since their player-owned structures will remain in places, and their immense capital fleets will still be able to project power across enormous reaches of space. I expect that it will simply produce more vassal entities, rather than genuinely allowing more access to 0.0 for smaller groups of players. Anyway, a glorious new trailer featuring a huge (and fairly true-to-game) capital-ship battle is out, and you can see it below. Delicious.

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Also, I've been meaning to point this out: the new "bubble" jump in effect is far less impressive than the original "cyno-cone" effect. (Apologies for the terrible music, it's just the only random clip I could find that immediately showed it off.)

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