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Evil West's cowboy vampires mosey into town in September

Dead lasso

Well shucks pardner, Focus Entertainment are lassoing vampiric cowboy third-person action game Evil West onto PC on September 20th. The tagline is “Evil never sleeps… but it bleeds”, which makes it sound like the undead really need to get some well-earned rest. You’ll be able to shoot up and smack down loads of very awake demonic adversaries. Watch a flaming church erupt with bats in the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoEvil West - Release Date Reveal Trailer
Wickedy Wild Wild West.

Evil West was announced at 2020’s The Game Awards, and strikes me as having a Shadows Of The Damned vibe. Seemingly, vampires have infested the Wild West despite it being a place renowned for its glaring sunshine and not having many castles to hide in. It falls on feisty Stetson-wearing gunlad Jesse Rentier and his paw’s “undercover monster-hunting organisation” to save the saloons of the Old West from having their patrons drunk dry. Of blood, obvs.

There’s a decent action pedigree behind Evil West as it hails from the Polish development studio responsible for the Shadow Warrior reboot, Flying Wild Hog. Jai thought the latest in that series was just a bit too much in his Shadow Warrior 3 review back in February. “There’s very little to be mastered to sustain your attention till the end,” he said. “It’s so repetitive that it becomes impossible to avoid confronting its other negative qualities until, as Lo Wang would say, they fill the room like a wet fart.”

Evil West is out on Steam on September 20th for £44/$50/€50. It’s also coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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