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Expect a big performance boost in the next Microsoft Flight Simulator patch

Developers Asobo are seeing an extra 25fps in their current tests

There are significant performance upgrades in the pipeline for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The good news was stealthily announced on a livestream by developer Asobo's CEO Sebastian Wloch. He showed off the engine tweaks that take the turbulence out of the simulator’s flight path. Smoother performance, better frame rates and fewer resources will all be implemented by the end of July.

Twinfinite spotted this in the stream and clipped the performance-specific section of the broadcast.

They’re not promising universal gains on every configuration just yet, because you know, PC's come in all shapes and sizes, but on Wloch’s own rig sporting an Intel Core i7-9700 with an RTX 2060 Super graphics card at Ultra detail and a 4K render scale of 40%, he received a boost from a stuttery 35fps to a silky smooth 60fps over Manhattan. The game runs better while demanding fewer resources. As Wloch points out, the overall memory being used in the system is down from 27GB to 14GB, and the sim's memory use is down from 16GB to 4.7GB. It also claws back the CPU strain from 100% to 75%.

Asobo are putting in a lot of work to make Flight Sim less of a hog. A recent patch halved the game's download size, so you can fill your drive with a few more mods to improve the landscape or add a Kaiju. At least now you won't have to rely on the low impact cardboard spitfire to gain those frames.

Aside from better performance, it also means your PC is free to run a few other programs. Flight Sim has a number of external programs worth installing, like this audio tour that covers the entire globe. You can run that, or a comprehensive flight planner and tracker, when Update 5 lands on July 27th.

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