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The F1 2015 Cars Went So Fast The Game Is Now Delayed

By a month

Would you like to see a video of cars going really fast? That’s excellent, because I just happen to have here a video of cars going very, very fast for you to look at. Unfortunately the trailer of Formula 1 2015 [official site] below comes alongside a delay. F1 2015 will now launch on July 10th, one month after its previous June 12th release date.

But that’s okay, because from the looks of the trailer the delay hasn’t impacted the speed of the cars at all. They’re still going pretty fast.

Cover image for YouTube video

The delay is maybe no surprise given that the originally planned release date was 3-4 months ahead of when F1 games normally cross the finish line. Of greater concern is whether the game can get the series back on track. F1 2014 was the series not just spinning its wheels, but appearing to cut corners by dropping features from the previous games and adding little that's new. There's been no mention of whether those features - such as classic cars and races - will return... like a car... for F1 2015.

That said, Dirt Rally is good enough that perhaps Codemasters have returned to better form. We'll find out July 10th.

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