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F3AR: Ridiculous Series Is Still Ridiculous

A new F3AR video's surfaced from PAX, talking about how the franchise is being shifted from Monolith to developers Day 1, mixed with a bunch of footage of the game with some very excitable editing. Check it out after the jump.

What's happening with F3AR? Well, they're asking "how they can evolve this franchise, and capture the essence of what it really is, but growing it into something that's bigger, that's more amazing and delivers a better experience for the consumer." I've just run that through the Corporate-O-Tron, and it translates as... "More of the same"? Oh, well.

You know, I'd probably feel a lot warmer about F.E.A.R. if it was put out by a much smaller developer who could bashfully acknowledge that the game is a bit silly. But no, F.E.A.R.'s a big brand with colourations of tension and horror, so all we get is a lot of very serious men talking very seriously. Pft.

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