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Lions Said: The Making Of Fable III PC

So, Microsoft and Lionhead's PC version of Fable III is to simultaneously release on both Games For Windows Live and Valve's Steam. Jim perhaps did not entirely acknowledge the importance of this news in his post ysterday. The importance being "HOLY GOD-DARNED CAMEL SPIT, MICROSOFT ARE SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY."

I mean, that's huge, innit? Absolutely fuggin' enormous. The firm that has for so long attempted to dominate the PC (as well as console), and in recent years has been dedicated to carving out its own, crazy closed-garden for download games, has now allowed its arch-rival into the bedroom of one of its most treasured gaming properties - and is actively choosing to throw cash at its PC gaming nemesis. Lordy-loo. I guess we all knew the day would come when Microsoft would have to admit they'd lost this fight, but I was convinced it'd be a couple of years yet.

Question is, what new doors does this open? Could we see the likes of Age of Empires or -pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease - Freelancer on Steam? I would kill 11 men to get that. Perhaps even 12. Perhaps even 12.

Anyway! If you're still not sure about whether all this stuff abut Fable III being dramatically rethought for PC is true, take a look at the four minute making-of video below. They really are taking this seriously.

Watch on YouTube

Yes, seriously.

Yes, not so seriously that they've removed Games For Windows Live from it, but let's not kid ourselves that a Microsoft-owned studio has any choice in the matter, eh? I'm just glad Fable's coming back to PC; while this is the year of RPG serious business (The Witcher 2! Mass Effect 3! Mother-lovin' Skyrim! Deus Ex: Human Revolution! It's an *incredible* year for RPGs) I've always dug its ambient, cheery rambling as a counter-balance to all that grim, epic questing. I recently previewed a Fable III PC build here, and interviewed its lead dev here. I did, I did so!

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