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Lucasfilm say you can't chop people's limbs off willy-nilly

and in the game

Dismemberment. We've all done it, but Lucasfilm have reportedly forbade the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order developers from letting players chop off limbs too jediciously. In the trailers, gameplay footage and behind closed doors demo we've seen so far, all limbs have remained attached. The internet is aghast, even though developers Respawn Entertainment have stated that limb removal will be reserved for critical plot moments.

The first report comes from IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, who used his interview with the devs to express his disappointment at not being able to use a glowing laser sword to sever arms or indeed legs from the hapless victims of an oppressive superstate they probably had no choice but to join. "It's a Lucas brand thing" he was told, though he was also reassured that the limbs of non-human enemies such as spiders and droids are fair game.

The way Star Wars is consistently unquestioning of both the sentience and suffering inflicted on its robots is despicable and you should all feel bad.

It's OK. Shacknews have confirmed that dismemberment does feature, but not during regular hacking and slashing. “We kind of used the films as reference" said lead designer Brandon Kelch, "and working with Disney, it’s like, you know, it’s used as powerful moments, and like kind of critical things. So, we’ll use it in a similar way.”

I'm being droll, but I do also think it's a genuine shame I won't be able to carve off my enemy's body parts after using space magic powers to freeze them in time.

Respawn didn't trust either me or Brendy enough to let us get our hands on a lightsaber ourselves, but I liked the look of the extended gameplay demo. Alice Bee liked how the boring jediman uses his lightsaber as a torch, proving that she is much more wholesome than us sickos.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order comes out on November 15th. It's being published by EA.

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