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Fallout 3 Concept Art: Ultra New

First of all Briosafreak, how dare you accuse me of an "unfortunate piece" when I incredibly deliberately post month old news. Secondly, thanks for the tip off to the brand new Fallout 3 artwork.

There's 11 new pieces to oogle, along with intricate commentary from concept artist, Adam Adamowicz, if you'll only click here. It's much more interesting than the usual concept art dump, with stories explaining each piece, entertainingly writte. Such as:

“Don’t shoot him, you’ll just make him mad.” The famous line from Blazing Saddles describing Mongo, was my guiding inspiration for these guys. I wanted them to look like they would step into a tree shredder, for relaxation. Their musculature was to be straining at the bone structure underneath, creating a hyper jacked up caricature of a person in the throes of radioactive testosterone poisoning, and liking it.


Nature gets uglier, bigger, and riddled with tumors, growths, hideous discolorations, excretions and where needed, extra appendages. Anatomy became a lego set, and like the weapons I wanted the new arrangements to not only look like they’d work, but also be deadly and contribute to superior speed, shielding and oversized pokey-stabby bits. Resilience to radiation would be a blessing and a curse, the curse part resulting in a perpetual state of pissed off, like someone with a body sized cold sore. The gross out factor possibilities were enormously fun and generally involved some manner of organic internal projectile or flail.

Go check out the rest.

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