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The Fallout TV series trailer certainly looks like Fallout, except for that one cyclops

It's coming April 12th

The Brotherhood of Steel as seen in Amazon's Fallout TV adaptation.
Image credit: Amazon

Perhaps the Last Of Us TV show on HBO getting it right was the dawn of a new era of good TV based on video games, but I still approach each adaptation with trepidation. That includes Amazon's Fallout series from Westworld and Person Of Interest writer/director Jonathan Nolan, which just got its first trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoFallout - Teaser Trailer | Prime Video
The teaser trailer for Amazon's Fallout adaptation.

It certainly looks like Fallout, which is a good start. The trailer features vaults with big, rolling doors and vault dwellers with bright blue overalls, a noseless ghoul, Brotherhood of Steel power armour, and enemies including radroaches and yao guai. There's also a cyclops, which is not a thing I remember from any Fallout game, and which seems a bit Krull, but OK.

There's also a decent cast behind it: Michael Emerson, who is best loved for Lost but also worked with Nolan on Person Of Interest, is some sort of intense weirdo; Kyle MacLachlan plays a Vault overseer; the Ghoul is played by Justified's Walton Goggins. We get to see glimpses - sometimes extremely brief glimpses - of all of them in the trailer.

Images and clips of the Fallout show have been leaking throughout the year, and Amazon finally put a date on the series last month. This is the first official trailer and it's substantial, but that it's a "teaser" strongly suggests we'll see more soon enough.

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