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Fallout 76's next DLC is heading back to The Pitt, for some reason

Expedition: The Pitt introduces the game's new replayable missions

Online sci-fi RPG Fallout 76 is revisiting a not-so-beloved setting from predecessor Fallout 3 this September when the free Expeditions: The Pitt update launches from its silo. It’ll be the first time players have been able to venture beyond the borders of Fallout 76’s Appalachia region. Go downtown with the trailer below for more info.

The Pitt's version of Pittsburgh featured in DLC for Fallout 3 all the way back in 2009.Watch on YouTube

Set in post-apocalyptic, raider-occupied Pittsburgh, The Pitt, erm, pits you against those aforementioned raiders and Trog monsters you might remember from the original Fallout 3 add-on. Expeditions are a new game mode for Fallout 76 that are being introduced with The Pitt update. They’re missions you can repeat over and over to bag XP, loot and some legendary items. Bethesda say you can join an Expedition at whatever level you like, but they recommend being at least Level 50 just so you’re not ganked immediately. The Pitt also kicks off Fallout 76’s season 10.

Meanwhile, tomorrow brings the start of Fallout 76’s season 9 update. Monikered as Test Your Metal, the update brings three new Public Events: the eponymous “Test Your Metal” involving robotic combat alongside the Gladiators of Steel, raider booze-hunt “Moonshine Jamboree”, and ousting some Super Mutants to help settlers in the extra-challenging “Eviction Notice”. There’s also the crucial inclusion of corpse highlighting, so you can more easily spot downed foes for loot-related purposes.

After heading to The Pitt, Fallout 76 is taking a detour to Fallout 4’s Nuka-World. Sort of, anyway. Dubbed ‘Nuka-World On Tour’, the game’s winter content update promises to bring “the Fizziest Show on Earth” to Appalachia. Try not to get too shaken up by that.

Fallout 76 is on Steam, now that the Bethesda Launcher is a defunct thing of the retro-future. Expeditions: The Pitt arrives at some unknown date this September.

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