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Far Cry 2 Development Video

Far Cry 2 looks at least a couple of kinds of incredible. "You're free to go anywhere you want at any time," says creative director Clint Hocking of the stupidly detailed 50km2 slice of African terrain. "It's about giving the player the opportunity to play the game the way he wants to play it." Judging by some of the testimony and in-game footage we can see here, he might just be telling the actual truth. Mechanically, at least, it's looking rather like an expanded version of Stalker, with plenty of open space and the ability to tackle things as you see fit. I've said it before, but my money is on this being the best game on PC this year. After the jump: that video diary.

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There's quite a lot of pretty standard-looking FPS footage in there, but what excites me in the team talking up the non-linearity and the idea of taking on different missions within the terrain. I'm a sucker for wandering about getting into scrapes in virtual wildernesses, so this really appeals to me.

I'm betting there's going to be some insane speed-run videos for this too...

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