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Cyberpink - Far Cry 4: Blood Dragon Likely... In Some Form

The Bleedening: Dragon Harder

So Far Cry 4 is a thing. It was pretty inevitable, given that Far Cry 3 sold like hotcakes stuffed with pornography. The next question, then, is obvious: will there be another Far Cry: Blood Dragon? Nothing's set in stone yet, but it sounds quite likely that Far Cry will take another turn for the weird. Just maybe don't expect another '80s spoof this time.

Far Cry 4 narrative director Mark Thompson explained to RPS:

"I know in terms of brand, we haven't closed the doors to more kind of weird experiments like Blood Dragon. And I know that Ubisoft Montreal has really been allowing people to play with passion projects. Like after Far Cry 3, Patrick Plourde and Jeffrey Yohalem got to work on Child of Light, which is a huge change. A labor of love."

"So yeah, there are teams who get the time, space, and liberty to experiment with smaller ideas like that. It's really cool to see that the studio allows people to try different ideas. Sometimes they don't get off the ground, sometimes they go all the way to shipping like Dean [Evans] and Blood Dragon."

So the path is clear for it to happen, but do people want to make it? It sure sounds that way.  "They had a ton of fun with it," explained Thompson. "The team loved making it. Everyone was so hyped when they made that game, so I know there's a lot of voices inside the studio that want to see [Far Cry 4: Blood Dragon] made."

The biggest question of all, though, is what sort of game a potential Blood Dragon sequel would turn out to be? Would it even be Blood Dragon in the literal sense, slathered in '80s pink, '90s references, and pseudo-satires of modern gaming tropes? That, for the moment, seems off the table. A new goofy Far Cry from Dean Evans and co would, in all likelihood, go in an entirely different direction. Equally strange, one would hope, but different.

"I think given the people that I know on the team and on the brand [it seems unlikely that it'd just be a direct sequel to Blood Dragon]. We never do the easy thing, so I think a direct sequel to Blood Dragon with the same type of universe and characters... I mean, it didn't happen with Far Cry 4, right? We moved to a completely different part of the world. We've had to rebuild, throw away stuff we had and build new things. Even characters. Some people were like, 'Why are you even wasting time trying to find a new antagonist? Why not just use Vaas again?' And we were like, 'Eh, he was cool but we want to make Far Cry 4 different. It's a different world, a different story. We want different characters to say different things about the world they're in.'"

But what if it is a second game in the original Blood Dragon's world? What happens in the unlikely event that comes to pass? Well, there's a plan for that too.

"Dean Evans jokes that if he made another Blood Dragon, it'd be called Blood Dragon 4," chuckled Thompson. "He'd just skip 2 and 3 altogether."

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