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Grapplewatch 2014: Far Cry 4 Gameplay Swings Away

Also elephants. And eagles grabbing goats.

Ubisoft's big fancy E3 stage show last night introduced the game's kooky villain (so zany!) but while technically in-game footage, this was only the opening cutscene. "Oh gosh bother and drat," I imagine someone in Ubi's marketing department said, "we've only gone and forgotten to show the game. Fix this!" So here comes a new trailer with seven minutes of gameplay, showing off enraged elephants smashing cars, eagles snatching goats, micro helicopters, another beautiful break-action grenade launcher, a spot of co-op, and yes yes yes, a grappling hook.

It's a narrated whistlestop tour of shiny features the sequel adds, really. Kicking! Shooting while driving! Leaping into moving cars to stab the driver! Getting the wingsuit earlier in the game! A rapid-fire crossbow! Sadly the grappling hook is limited to certain pre-defined points but look, conveniently-placed exploding barrels! Features! Death! Excitement! Supposedly we'll get to ride elephants too, though it's not shown here.

Co-op is Ubi's Thing this year, appearing in most of their big games at E3. Which is certainly splendid. In Far Cry 4, players can casually drop into a chum's game, which will turn off solo missions but otherwise leave you to massacre your way across the Himalayas together.

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