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Hidden Himalayas: Far Cry 4

Where are the elephants, Ubisoft?

Know what Far Cry needs? A villain so kerrazy that he takes a selfie right after he murders a bunch of people. Thankfully, that's precisely what the series now has in the shape of the mad despot who takes center stage on the box art and rants and raves his way through the debut trailer above. GTA V was the game to popularise the act of inappropriate post-carnage selfies, I believe, and dare we hope that Far Cry 4 will take the art to the next level? Brave new worlds opening up before us.

Striking that the game is introduced by means of a Vaas-like villain rather than a better view of the mountains themselves. I want to see where I'll be fighting and climbing towers (OF COURSE THERE WILL BE TOWERS, PROBABLY ANCIENT RUIN TYPE ONES THIS TIME AROUND) rather than having a man demonstrate his oh-so silly sadism.

Enigmatic (incoherent) villains are so in this year though.

Far Cry 4 is out on November 18th (20th for Australia) and I'm hoping that it won't feel like a reskin. There's a lot of room for experimentation within these spaces and I still reckon Far Cry 3 was the best example of an UbiQuitous open world kinda thing.

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