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Far Cry goes post-apocalyptic in next game

Ubi maniacs! You blew it up!

It's looking like the next Far Cry is going to be set after the end of the world. Teasing a full announcement for The Game Awards tomorrow night (which Alice Prime will be burning the midnight oil to cover), the trailer below gives us a little taste of the things to come. Ubisoft manage to hold back from declaring that 'war never changes', but that pneumatic saw-crossbow sure looks Mad Max-ish to me. Ubisoft call it "a new Far Cry game" but it's not yet clear whether it will be a direct sequel, a spin-off, or what.

So, BIG SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't played through Far Cry 5, although I admit that I skipped on the game myself: This new game might just be a direct sequel.

Far Cry 5 ended with a bang. Thematically un-earned, arguably. John even called it one of "the worst endings in all of gaming history", but at least it's a good way to wipe the slate clean and get us away from FC5's rubbish drug-cults and boring, generic weaponry. According to the teaser, the world has bounced back from apocalypse, and become lush and verdant after getting rid of most of us pesky humans. Of course, it wouldn't be a Far Cry game without some hackneyed villains, and apparently not all is well in post-apocalyptic paradise.

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I'm personally hoping for another pseudo-spinoff game in the vein of Far Cry: Primal, the second best in the series, close behind Far Cry 2. The weapon shown in the teaser is the kind of weird, impractical post-apocalyptic nonsense I'm always down for. A nonsensical blend of high and low tech, and far more interesting than just another M16 or AK47-like. Primal proved that Far Cry is at its best when you're not toting around a bullet-hose, and even cleverly re-used FC4's map, so I've got my fingers crossed for more restraint. Either way, we'll find out more tomorrow.

Ubisoft will be properly unveiling this new Far Cry thing late tomorrow night - technically Friday, December 7th 1:30am GMT, for us British night-owls.

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