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Fascinating RPG Wildermyth has launched out of early access

I'm contractually obligated to call you a coward if you don't play it

Sin thought you should play Wildermyth. In fact, she was quite insistent that you play the storytelling tactical RPG. Bluntly so, even. "Play Wildermyth, you cowards," she said. The big hook is that you play procedurally generated adventurers who develop into proper little paper people as their lives change and stories grow along the way. You're no coward, I know, but perhaps you didn't fancy buying it in early access? Good news: as of today, Wildermyth has hit version 1.0 and officially launched. Check it out in the launch trailer below.

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Wildermyth always starts with a band of farmers taking up arms against monsters, then spirals from there depending on their randomly rolled personalities, and how your adventures go, and the decisions you make. Your band will grow more powerful, sure, but they'll also age, and develop relationships, and fall in love, and grow as people, and suffer tragedies.

Deciding how one character feels about another in a Wildermyth screenshot.
I'd just like to point out the party member names Borglin Stack and Soria Gore.

"Most of these decisions will have consequences. All of them will breathe life into your story," Sin explained elsewhere. "And many of them will contextualise, and directly change the battles you fight, and the way you fight them. Battles are short and small scale, utilising the fairly standard XCOM-ish two actions system, but even the most colourful life is fragile and could be ended with one or two blows. Even death is often your choice - should a character lose all their hit points, you can choose to sacrifice their limb instead, or let them die to protect their friends, granting an armour bonus to everyone else for the rest of that fight. You might even surprise yourself by killing off a favourite because it feels like they'd gladly die if it meant taking a big scary monster with them. On paper, two warriors might be the same, but every time you play Wildermyth, those paper cutouts totting around the board become far more than a class or set of statistics."

It does sound good, doesn't it. I mean, obviously I know that, because I definitely played Wildermyth instead of just more Binding Of Isaac. But you, perhaps you find that enticing.

The crafting system in a Wildermyth screenshot.
Sedidia does look rad here. A veteran party, no doubt.

Today's version 1.0 update has brought newness including new ability upgrades, a new five-chapter story campaign, a revamp of the "generic campaign events" to be more interesting, more life-or-death Mortal Choices, new Final Moment events for when a hero dies, achievements, and various tweaks and bug fixes detailed in the patch notes.

The developers, Worldwaker Games add that leaving early access "doesn't mean we're all done, but it does mean we think it's a complete game and we won't be making big changes to the structure of it."

Wildermyth is available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A 20% launch discount brings it down to £16/€17/$20 until Tuesday the 22nd.

Alright, I have to wrap up this post now because someone's posting white feathers through my letterbox while hissing—I think—"cow herd"? What does that even mean. Who would...

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