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Sing it to the heavens: Fe releases on February 16th

Singing sweet songs

How did I not know about Fe? It's a gorgeous action-adventure type thing that's suddenly become one of the games I'm most looking forward to this year. Fortunately, I don't have long to wait: EA have announced a release date of February 16th.

There's some new footage below in this snippet from the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation thingamy, so I'm afraid you'll have to put up with the voice-over guy wittering about Joy-Con motion controls. It's worth it though, because he's talking about using them to sing in tune with the adorable critters you'll meet.

Cover image for YouTube video

Fe has you climbing, gliding and digging through a Nordic forest, making friends with mystical animals in what the official blurb calls a "living, breathing ecosystem". Befriending those animals (and plants!) gives you abilities that let you explore new areas, which I suppose makes it a little bit Metroidvania-y.

I think this trailer from Gamescom last year does an even better job at selling the game, even though I'm not sold on the voice acting. I've noticed I can be quite sensitive to voice acting that sounds even slightly off, but even so I kept getting little goosebump shivers all the way through from when that cub starts howling.

Cover image for YouTube video

Here's the full song used in that, in case you dug it as much as I did.

Fe will be the first game to come out of EA Originals, a programme that helps fund and publish indie games. EA have done similar things before, most recently with Unravel, but now it has a name to signal that this is A Cool Thing they're doing, yeah?

They're also publishing Sea of Solitude as well as A Way Out, the co-op only prison break game from the devs of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

For us UK folk, the Origin store says it'll actually unlock at 11pm on February 15th. It'll cost £17.99.

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