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Fear Nothing: Firefall's Dreadnaught

Most of the footage I've seen of the hugely ambitious and massively multiplayer shooter Firefall has made me nod approvingly at the scale and design of the world, which not only looks the part but also seems a place it'd be fun to soar through, raining death from above, and probably from the front, sides and back as well. Lo and behold, there is a new trailer that takes a different perspective; instead of whooping about size and numbers, this one zooms in on an individual piece of kit, giving a better idea of individual skills. It takes the form of an advertisement for the heavy weapon specialist's Dreadnaught frame and it's one heck of a sales pitch.

Stomping, minigun-whirring, stationary defensive zones...energy bubble shields? Why, there was barely a darting jetpack in sight! But that's precisely why my desire for Firefall is on the increase. There is plenty of detail and beauty in the scenery here, but more importantly there seems to be room for genuine variety in playstyles, with utility and entertainment carried across the board.

I want a jetpack. I want to swoop toward my enemies in a disarrayed formation, the air scorched around me. But I also wouldn't mind being this guy, holding the line, cutting off enemy attacks with tactical placement, and accidentally trapping a giant monster inside my shields and shouting to the heavens, "Oh, cruel fate, it's Magicka again, isn't it? I'm the comedic, slapstick, burned-to-a-crisp folly I have always been, but this time in a Battleframe instead of a robe."

I'll die. A lot. But I'll die smiling.

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