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Fifty Shades Of Darkness: Might & Magic Heroes VI

Shades of Darkness is a standalone expansion for Heroes of Might & Magic: Heroes VI, originally due at the end of this month but recently delayed until May 3, by which point you'll have completely forgotten about all of the delicious lore contained in the development diary below. It's extraordinary stuff and quite possibly the most dramatic video of its type in existence. If the repeated use of an angry minotaur's axe-blows as a sort of punctuation doesn't get your blood pumping then the earnest enunciation of the finer points of Dark Elf history surely will: "The Mother of Trees, Brythigga, sacred to the elves and home of the royal dwelling was treacherously burned to the ground."

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Kurt McClung! The text in the video suggests that the writer might be the notorious disco villain, Kurt 'MC' Clung, but I did some proper journalism and confirmed that the name is indeed McClung.

It's a new campaign, then, following the Dungeon faction. I didn't take to Heroes VI, although I did reinstall III last year to see if it was as good as my memory reckoned. It is!

The Ubi website says 'available now' but that seems to apply to pre-orders. You can pre-order now, for £19.99, which is somewhat different to the product being available.

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