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Make a song and dance about Figment on 22 September

Mind map

Musical action game Figment [official site] wowed Adam when he tried it in April with its hand-drawn art and bosses that perform entire song and dance numbers. Now we know it'll be chiming onto our screens very soon: 22 September, to be exact.

In Figment, you journey into a person's mind to confront their fears, which range from teeth falling out to spiders. You have to defeat a series of nightmarish bosses along the way, and between them there's some light platforming segments, simple combat and straightforward puzzles. But what sets is apart is the sound: everything in the world explodes with music when you interact with it.

The trailer, below, gives you some sense of the swooping sound track, although I imagine having the noise come about as a direct result of your interactions will be even more satisfying. It also shows the art style, and I'm really impressed with just how varied and detailed the environments looked. There's something to catch your eye wherever you look, be that a spiral staircase made of pencils or the spinning golden hands of an elegant clock.

Cover image for YouTube video

So, it's probably going to look and sound great. The one concern is the gameplay itself: Adam said it mostly came down to "collecting batteries and hitting switches". Now, he didn't mind because of the presentation, but it'd be nice if the game was more than just a feast for the eyes and ears. It's not long until we'll find out.

The Steam page is live if you want to have a peek.

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