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Chocobo-A-Go-Go: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Out Aug 18th

Teens in a war

Last time we checked in with teens-in-a-war ARPG spin-off Final Fantasy Type-0 [official site], we'd just received word that it would be coming to PC "soon". Thanks to the press release that just landed on my desk, I can tell you that "soon" is August 18th. Obviously you should never preorder anything ever but if you were to preorder this 'un, you'd be able to cross the streams of in-game menageries by adding a chocobo courier to Dota 2. You can also have "a Moogle (Class Zero) as your ward". I quoted that directly because most of the words didn't mean anything to me.

The trailer below is Playstation-branded, having been released when the HD version came to Sony's machine, but it does contain some groovy music and should give you some idea as to whether the Young Adult teen-team stylings are to your taste.

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In other Final Fantasy news, Alice's dreams of boy band roadtrips and beautifully rendered eggs and toast are still on hold: Final Fantasy XV's PC release has not yet been confirmed. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is still on its way to us though, although no release date has been mentioned.

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