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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is out now, finally giving us a better version

That's Squeenix's collection of FF1-6 remasters complete now

When Square Enix started re-releasing older Final Fantasy games on PC a few years back, it was a mixed blessing. Yeah, they were officially available on PC, but we got them all blurry from shoddily remastered mobile versions. Recognising that people wanted pixels not smears, Square Enix last year started releasing 'Pixel Remasters' of the early series. That's now complete with today's launch of Final Fantasy VI's Pixel Remaster version. That's the one with the clown.

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I understand FF6 (released in North America under the name FF3 initially, because reasons) is the one many admire most from ye olde games. All I know is that it has a clown, and you can suplex a train.

That Twitter video proved minorly controversial (in that 'yeah but 90% just joshing' sorta way) because in the original, the train flipped when suplex. Squeenix reassured people that they were still working on the game, that this video was from a pre-release version, and that they would adjust it in time for launch.

Along with tweaks for modern screen resolutions and that, the Pixel Remaster version has a rearranged soundtrack, an auto-battle option, and some nice bonuses like a bestiary and music player. The UI's font and keyboard prompt buttons look quite out of place to me but hell it's miles ahead of the ugly version Squeenix released on PC in 2015.

Final Fantasy VI's Pixel Remaster is out now on Steam, with a 20% launch discount bringing it down to £10.39/€14.39/$14.39 until the 10th of March. You can also nab FF PR 1-6 together in a bundle with a 22% discount, for £54.54/€74.82/$74.82. The series is on pocket telephones too.

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