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Terra Cognita: Final Fantasy VI PC Release

The least fantastic version

One of the most beloved Final Fantasy games is finally coming to PC! Yay. It's arriving on the 16th of December, just in time for Father Christmas to send a Steam gift code to you by email from the North Pole's premier internet cafe! Hurrah. The Steam release appears to be using the crappy new graphics seen in the iOS and Android versions of the game! Fiddlesticks.

I'm immersing myself in JRPGs at the moment and Final Fantasy VI is high on the list of recommendations. This version really does look ugly though. I don't mind the graphics in the PC version of FFIV, although the changes might bother me if I'd played the original, but this doesn't even look bad in comparison to anything - it just looks bad.

FFVI is the game originally released as FFIII in the west. I always think of it as the operatic Final Fantasy because when I watched a friend playing it one night many years ago, I remember seeing an opera house and an airship. Quite why it became 'the operatic Final Fantasy' rather than 'the Final Fantasy with an airship' I couldn't say for sure, although I assume there are airships in every JRPG. Airships, giant swords and '...'.

Besides, Skies of Arcadia was the airship game. So FFVI is the operatic JRPG and shall remain so. And unless I manage to dig up a Gameboy Advance or SNES, my first playthrough is going to be in the company of these uggo new characters.

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