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Square Enix staff keep asking for a Final Fantasy 6 remake

"Won't you release it a little sooner?"

Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 6 is so popular within Square Enix that staff keep asking FF brand manager Yoshinori Kitase for a remake. Although the game has been re-released as part of the Pixel Remaster bundle, fans within the company have been asking for a full blown remake.

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Kitase revealed the information in a special roundtable discussion to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the series alongside Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the FF series, and Kazuko Shibuya, an artist who worked on FF1-6. All three worked on the original FF6, which is now nearly 30 years old.

The segment on FF6 has been translated by Genki_JPN. "There are many FF6 fans inside the company and they often ask me 'when are we making 6?'" Kitase reportedly said. Genki also wrote that both Kitase and Sakaguchi agreed that a 6 remake would be difficult to make, with Sakaguchi claiming that they would need to change the story and make it into CG, which would be difficult to do from a pixel-based game.

Kitase is currently the producer on all things FF7, with FF7 Rebirth currently in development. "FF7 Remake is not yet finished so I am not able to think about [a FF6 remake]," Kitase reportedly said, prompting Sakaguchi to ask "won't you release it a little sooner?", which caused everyone to laugh.

FF7 Rebirth appeared right at the end of Summer Game Fest with a new trailer and a release window of early 2024 for PS5, so sadly it seems like we'll have to wait a little bit longer for a remake of 6. It'd be difficult to make, but Kitase didn't say no so... can you please release Rebirth a little sooner?

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