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Final Fantasy XV('s car) comes to PC via Forza Horizon 3

The wait continues...

Final Fantasy XV is sadly still not announced for PC, but a large lump from it is soon coming here in a roundabout way. Microsoft today announced that Prince Noctis's car, the Regalia, will soon escape the fantasy world and come free to the Australia of Forza Horizon 3 [official site]. Turn 10 Studios have rebuilt the car in Forza so folks can race and roam our world just like their favourite anime boyband. The car's due to arrive on Tuesday, August 1st, and to get it you'll simply need to have played FH3 by then.

The Regalia is 6.4 metres long and 2.2 metres wide, roaring along with a 7.2L V-12 supercharged engine packing 536 horsepower and 590lb/ft of torque. If I know anything about cars -- and I'm pretty sure I do, because I saw three minutes of The Grand Tour over Christmas -- it's that I should now be rubbing my thighs, purring, and expressing my desire to lick its exhaust pipe. Nah, I'll walk, thanks though.

A dev blog post goes into some of the challenges of bringing a fictional car into a game which, while not real, at least tries to feel real.

The wonderful Nier: Automata has a slice of FFXV too, featuring Noctis' engine-powered sword in its arsenal. I think enough FFXV is now on PC to try something. Alt-tabbing between Automata, Forza, EastEnders, and Instagram food snaps could form a crude facsimile of FFX. Please, Square Enix, bring the rowdy boys to PC properly.

Oh, do remember that Forza Motorsport 7 -- actual full Forza 7 -- is coming to Winton.

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